Chardham Temple of Uttarakhand

Chardham Yatra Package 2024 from Ahmedabad

The UNESCO World Heritage City in Gujarat, Ahmedabad can be seen soaked in the devotion of Lord Krishna with locals often engaging in religious celebrations and embarking on a pilgrimage even to Dwarka, one of the Bada Chardham destinations that comprises Badrinath in Uttarakhand as one of the four main Hindu pilgrimage places in India. This is why these Krishna-loving devotees also have immense adulation for Lord Badri (Vishnu) who sits in the lap of Garhwal Himalayas and calls his devotees from all corners of the world. Hence, when the portals of Chardham Yatra open in Uttarakhand, the people of Ahmedabad throng in large numbers to pay their obeisance.

If this year too, there is a divine calling for you from Lord Badri or Shiva, then you must plan your Chardham Yatra 2024 from Ahmedabad and make this the best spiritual journey in India with the pilgrimage packages in Uttarakhand we have on offer for you.

As a leading tour operator in India who have been consistently rendering incredible religious tours, we promise the best Chardham tour packages 2024 to Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri, and Yamunotri from Ahmedabad. Our packages include services with precision, round the clock assistance, on time pickups and drops, and accommodation arrangements at the best prices and with exclusive deals. For all your 4 Dham Yatra needs, we have the perfect solution!


Best Chardham Packages from Ahmedabad for 2024

Book your Chardham Darshan tour from Ahmedabad with us and get exclusive holiday deals on Yatra packages 2024.

What We Offer for Your Chardham Yatra from Ahmedabad?

Ensuring a hassle free Chardham tour from Ahmedabad for you, our endeavour is to cater to all your needs. We have also kept in mind your budget and time while designing your 4 Dham pilgrimage from Ahmedabad, and thus, have also handcrafted your Ek dham, Do Dham (Gangotri and Yamunotri) or (Badrinath Kedarnath Yatra), and Teen Dham Yatra in Uttarakhand. While each of them caters to different needs, rest assured that all pilgrimage packages come packed with the best quality of services that we proudly boast of.

What All Our Chardham Packages Include?

As a committed travel agency aiming at offering unmatched services, we leave no stone unturned. Be it arranging the best accommodation in your budget or scheduling timely transfers or booking your flight/train tickets or taking care of your meals, our Chardham packages include it all!

Chardham Yatra by Helicopter

For those either short on time or physically unable to endure long journeys in Uttarakhand, we offer helicopter services for Chardham Yatra in our exclusive tour packages. After all, why should a shortfall stop you from receiving the blessings of Lord Badri or Shiva and the other mighty gods and goddesses in the Garhwal Himalayas. With our Chardham Yatra helicopter packages, you will not only be able to visit and seek the blessings at all the 4 dhams but will also be able to do in quite a short time!

Exploration and Sightseeing Tour with Chardham Yatra

The unmatched beauty of Uttarakhand is not a secret anymore, therefore, wherever you visit during your Chardham tour, you’d be greeted with incredible views of lofty Himalayan peaks, dense forests, and undulating lush meadows. With our 4 Dham Yatra packages, we ensure that with a spiritual tour in Uttarakhand, you also get to enjoy its natural beauty. Thus, we also design packages that include sightseeing tour of Uttarakhand’s best places to visit like Auli, Valley of Flowers, Rishikesh, Haridwar and more with your 4 Dham pilgrimage tour.

We Also Offer Package Customization

As a dedicated tour operator, we have always aimed at offering 100% customer satisfaction, and thus, we are always happy to let our customers personalize their tour packages. Therefore, even for your Chardham Yatra from Ahmedabad, we let you customize your tour packages as per your needs and budget.

Train Information

Ahmedabad and Uttarakhand’s Haridwar city is connected by one direct train, whereas, there are a number of connecting trains between the two destinations. Tourists can also choose to first reach Delhi and then take a train to Haridwar and Dehradun as there are many trains between these destinations. Here is some useful train information:

Train from Ahmedabad to Haridwar

Train No. Train Name From Departure Arrival Travel Time
19031 Yoga Express (PT) Ahmedabad Junction 9:55 12:10 26:15

Trains from Ahmedabad to Delhi

Train No. Train Name From Departure Arrival Travel Time
12957 Swarna J Raj Express New Delhi 17:40 7:30 13:50
12915 Ashram Express Delhi 18:30 10:10 15:40
12216 DEE Garibrath Delhi S Rohilla 19:40 12:15 16:35
12917 Gujarat Sampark Kranti H Nizamuddin 17:30 10:50 17:20
19269 PBR Motihari Express Delhi 00:50 20:00 19:10
19031 Haridwar Mail Delhi Shahdra 09:55 05:44 19:49

Trains from Delhi to Dehradun

Train No. Train Name From Departure Arrival Travel Time
12055 DDN JANSHATBDI NEW DELHI 15:20 21:10 5:50
14317 IND DDN EXPRESS H NIZAMUDDIN 11:25 19:40 8:15
14041 MUSSOORIE EXPRESS DELHI 22:25 8:25 10:00

Trains from Delhi to Haridwar

Train No. Train Name From Departure Arrival Travel Time
12055 DDN JANSHATBDI NEW DELHI 15:20 19:33 4:33
12017 DDN SHATABDI NEW DELHI 6:45 11:30 4:45
14317 IND DDN EXPRESS H NIZAMUDDIN 11:25 17:17 5:52
18477 UTKAL EXPRESS H NIZAMUDDIN 15:00 21:15 6:15
14041 MUSSOORIE EXPRESS DELHI 22:25 6:05 7:40

Ahmedabad Dehradun Direct Flights Information

Uttarakhand is connected by air with Ahmedabad through an airport in Dehradun. The Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun operates regular flights to Ahmedabad. So far, there is one direct flight which takes around 2hrs time to reach Dehradun from Ahmedabad. There are a number of connecting flights with one stop in Delhi. Some of the airlines operating Ahmedabad Dehradun flights are:

  • SpiceJet
  • IndiGo
  • Air India

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a direct flight between Ahmedabad and any city of Uttarakhand?

Ans: Yes, there is one direct flight and quite a few connecting flights between Ahmedabad and Dehradun.

Q: Is there a direct train from Ahmedabad to Chardham in Uttarakhand?

Ans: Yes, there is one direct train between Ahmedabad and Chardham’s nearest railway station, Haridwar.

Q: What is the easiest way to reach Chardham from Ahmedabad?

Ans: The nearest airport to Chardham is situated in Dehradun which operates regular flights (direct and connecting flights) to Ahmedabad. The nearest railway station to Chardham is Haridwar and there is one direct train to Ahmedabad. Therefore, the easiest way to reach Chardham from Ahmedabad is via flight till Dehradun, and then to take a cab for your first Chardham destination.

Q: What kind of accommodations are available during Chardham Yatra?

Ans: Places to stay ranging from budget to 3-star are easily available during the Chardham Yatra.

Q: What are the other places I can explore on my Chardham Yatra?

Ans: You can visit Haridwar, Rishikesh, Dehradun, Mussoorie, Valley of Flowers, Chopta, Tungnath Temple, Madhyamaheshwar temple, Kartik Swami Temple, Kalimath Temple, Auli, Devprayag, Harshil and several other places on your Chardham Yatra.

Q: Can I customize my tour package?

Ans: Yes, customers can customize their tour packages as per their time schedule and other needs.

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