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Shri Kedarnath Dham Yatra Update 2022

Kedarnath Yatra Update 2022: The New Year 2022 brings new hope in the spiritual enthusiasm of the pilgrims as they are eagerly waiting for the portal of Kedarnath Dham temple to open. Unlike last year, Char Dham Yatra 2022 will fulfil all your spiritual goals.

Here is a major update for Kedarnath Chardham Yatra 2022.Unlike last year, corona infection is under control, the danger of this deadly disease is still present but this year the situation is much better. The Opening date of the portal of Kedarnath Dham Temple 2022 is on 6th May 2022.  There would be a Strict adherence to the covid appropriate behavior.

Last year the Uttarakhand High Court lifted the ban on Kedarnath Dham Yatra 2021. Usually, the holy Dham of Kedarnath opens every year in the month of April/ May but due to Covid-19 pandemic, High Court of Uttarakhand had banned Kedarnath Chardham Yatra for the safety of the devotees. It was open for a few months but devotees could not take the darshan properly due to limited capacity of the devotees.

Chardham Yatra Travel Guide

So, if you were thinking of planning a trip to holy Char Dham Yatra 2022, this is an absolutely right time to book a Chardham Yatra Tour package 2022 to dive deep into the ethereal vibes of the place and get the divine blessings Kedarnath Dham Yatra 2022 would definitely fulfill all your transcendent and mystical quests.

This Yatra is expected to be performed by every Hindu at least once in their lifetime. So, this is the perfect time to indulge this one of a kind Yatra to discover yourself.

Devotees will be required to present a valid covid-19 certificate. The holy Kedarnath Yatra will be officially started from 8th May 2022 and the expected month for the closing of Kedarnath Dham Portal will be around the third week of November.

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