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Chardham Yatra Package 2024 from Hyderabad

Being the capital of the state of Telangana in Southern India that is steeped in spirituality, Hyderabad makes for the right base for embarking on any spiritual journey in India. And since there is decent air connectivity between the city and Uttarakhand, it becomes obligatory to plan the Chardham Yatra from Hyderabad when there is a divine calling.

So, if you are planning your Chardham pilgrimage from Hyderabad and looking for a trustworthy tour operator to organize the best Chardham Himalayan trip, then we’re here to help! With our tour packages, we guarantee the best pilgrimage experience in Uttarakhand.

Book with us your Chardham Yatra Package 2024 from Hyderabad for a hassle free travel, accommodation, transport, and world class hospitality.


Best Chardham Packages from Hyderabad for 2024

Book your Chardham Darshan tour from Hyderabad with us and get exclusive holiday deals on Yatra packages 2024.

What We Offer for Your Chardham Yatra from Hyderabad?

Your Chardham pilgrimage from Hyderabad is made the best spiritual experience in India with our handcrafted tour packages. Designed keeping in mind your convenience, distance, and devotion, our Chardham Yatra package from Hyderabad impart a holistic experience. Not only Chardham, we also offer Do Dham (Gangotri and Yamunotri) (Badrinath Kedarnath Yatra), Teen Dham, and even single or Ek Dham Yatra from Hyderabad for devotees on tight time schedule.

What All Our Chardham Packages Include?

From booking your flight/train tickets to picking you up at the airport/railway station to arranging the best accommodations according to your budget to offering assistance whenever and wherever required, our Chardham tour packages ensure end to end services. Our travel itineraries apart from being well-organized also ensure you get enough rest from time to time considering your long journey from Hyderabad.

Chardham Yatra by Helicopter

For those who are unable to endure extensive road journeys or pressed for time, we have Chardham Yatra by helicopter at their disposal to not only make the journey convenient but to add a new spiritual experience. After all, there’s no match to an experience of paying obeisance at the Chardham destinations, situated at a great distance from each other in such a short time!

Exploration and Sightseeing Tour with Chardham Yatra

Our Char Dham Yatra packages also ensure your coming so far to Uttarakhand from Hyderabad is worthwhile as we include the best of sightseeing tour along with your pilgrimage. Visit the spiritual centre of Haridwar, and take a holy dip in the waters of the River Ganges; pay a visit to the Yoga capital, Rishikesh; witness the sacred view of River Ganga and Alaknanda’s confluence; and visit many picturesque destinations like Auli, Chopta, and Harshil. Along with sightseeing tours, the adventurers among you can enjoy trekking, camping and birding.

We Also Offer Package Customization

While we are diligent to make your Chardham Yatra eventful and hassle free, we also put your choice and needs first, and thus, for your Chardham Yatra from Hyderabad, we offer the chance to customize your package and plan yourself a budget, affordable or luxury Chardham pilgrimage tour with us in no time!

Train Information

Hyderabad and Uttarakhand do not enjoy direct rail connectivity. Therefore, one has to first reach Delhi and then take a train to Dehradun or Haridwar. There are about six trains between Delhi and Haridwar and 3 trains from Delhi to Dehradun.

Trains from Delhi to Dehradun

Train No. Train Name From Departure Arrival Travel Time
12055 DDN JANSHATBDI NEW DELHI 15:20 21:10 5:50
14317 IND DDN EXPRESS H NIZAMUDDIN 11:25 19:40 8:15
14041 MUSSOORIE EXPRESS DELHI 22:25 8:25 10:00

Trains from Delhi to Haridwar

Train No. Train Name From Departure Arrival Travel Time
12055 DDN JANSHATBDI NEW DELHI 15:20 19:33 4:33
12017 DDN SHATABDI NEW DELHI 6:45 11:30 4:45
14317 IND DDN EXPRESS H NIZAMUDDIN 11:25 17:17 5:52
18477 UTKAL EXPRESS H NIZAMUDDIN 15:00 21:15 6:15
14041 MUSSOORIE EXPRESS DELHI 22:25 6:05 7:40

Hyderabad Dehradun Flight Information:

Uttarakhand is connected by air with Hyderabad through an airport in Dehradun. The Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun operates regular flights to Hyderabad. The minimum time taken is 2hrs and 30mins. Some of the airlines operating Hyderabad Dehradun flights are:

  • IndiGo
  • Air India
  • SpiceJet

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a direct flight between Hyderabad and any city of Uttarakhand?

Ans: Yes, Hyderabad is connected by air with Uttarakhand by direct flights to Dehradun’s Jolly Grant Airport.

Q: Is there direct train connectivity from Hyderabad to Chardham?

Ans: No, there is no direct train between Hyderabad and Chardham’s nearest railway stations in Dehradun and Haridwar. One has to first reach Delhi and then board a train to any of these two destinations.

Q: How to Reach Chardham from Hyderabad? What is the easiest way?

Ans: The two nearest railway stations to Chardham are situated in Haridwar and Dehradun, however, there is no direct train between them and Hyderabad. The nearest airport to Chardham is situated in Dehradun which operates regular flights to Hyderabad. Thus, the easiest way to reach Chardham from Hyderabad is via flight till Dehradun, and then to book a cab for your first Chardham destination.

Q: What kind of accommodations are available during Chardham Yatra?

Ans: Budget hotels to 3-star properties are available for accommodations during the Chardham Yatra.

Q: What is the best time for Yatra?

Ans: The doors of the Chardham opens in April end or starting of May and close in after the celebration of Diwali festival (October or November).

Q: What are the other places I can explore on my Chardham Yatra?

Ans: You can visit Haridwar, Rishikesh, Devprayag, Chopta, Auli, Harshil and several other places on your Chardham Yatra.

Q: Can I customize my tour Package?

Ans: Yes, customization of your Yatra Package is possible.

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