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With the Opening of Gangotri & Yamunotri Shrines, Chardham Yatra 2022 Starts in Uttarakhand

On the auspicious occasion of Akshaya Tritiya, the portals of Gangotri and Yamunotri have been opened in the district of Uttarkashi in Uttarakhand. This marks the beginning of the Char Dham Yatra 2022.

The portals of the Gangotri shrine were opened to the public at 11:30 AM, while the portals of the Yamunotri shrine were opened at 1:15 AM. They were opened to the chanting of Vedic shlokas and the performance of other religious rituals. Needless to say, both the holy pilgrimage destinations were teeming with both devotees and tourists. The Char Dham Yatra possesses an immense cultural, religious and historical significance.

The portals of the Kedarnath shrine will open on 6th May, while that of Badrinath will open on 8th May. Just like every year, there is great enthusiasm among devotees both from India and abroad for this Yatra.

On this occasion, thousands of devotees took a dip in the holy rivers Yamuna and Ganga amid loud praises to them. The devotion and love of the pilgrims also manifested itself in the form of garlands. While Gangotri Temple was decorated with almost 15 quintals of flowers, Yamunotri Temple was decorated with 2 quintals of them.

On Monday, the Ganga Doli (procession) set off for Gangotri from the quaint village of Mukhwa. However, it had to make a night halt at the Lord Bhairav Temple located in Bhairav Valley. In the early hours of the morning on Tuesday at around 7:30 AM, after performance of various rituals and ceremonies, the Ganga procession set off for Gangotri amid lovely tunes played by the band of Mahar Regiment. Accompanied by thousands of pilgrims and devotees, the procession finally reached Gangotri around 9:30 AM on Tuesday.

(The village of Mukhba, or Mukhwa, is famous for being the winter shrine of Gangotri. With the onset of the winter season, the idol of Goddess Ganga is brought down here from Gangotri, its original abode in the Upper Himalayas. This is done because the heavy snowfall renders Gangotri inaccessible during the winters. Every year, on the occasion of Diwali, the idol of Goddess Ganga is brought down to a temple in Mukhwa).

Then, on Tuesday morning, with the blessings of Lord Shani, the Yamuna Doli began its journey for Yamunotri Dham. It reached Yamunotri at around 12 PM. After the carrying out of necessary rituals, chanting of mantras and observances of other traditions, the portals of the temple were opened for devotees around 1:15 AM.

Have you registered for the Char Dham Yatra yet?

Prior to 2014, you could head for the Char Dham Yatra without any kind of registration. However, since then, the government has made it compulsory for devotees to register themselves. There is no reason to worry though, as the registration process is quite easy and straightforward. All pilgrims headed for the Char Dham Yatra 2022 will be issued biometric cards after they have completed the process of biometric registration. In fact, you can even get yourself registered at one of the destinations falling along the char dham route. You can find all the other related information about the registration process for Char Dham Yatra 2022 at

This time, pilgrims can avail heli ambulance services

Pilgrims going for the Kedarnath Yatra 2022 can now avail heli ambulance services in cases of emergency. The Uttarakhand government has introduced this service to enable the faster delivery of medicines and other essential supplies, all with the aim of ensuring the safety of the pilgrims. It is a move which deserves to be commended.

Char Dham Yatra 2022: opening and closing dates

Dham Opening Date Closing Date
Kedarnath 6 May 2022 24th October 2022 (Tentative)
Badrinath 8 May 2022 26th October 2022 (Tentative)
Gangotri 3 May 2022 25th October 2022 (Tentative)
Yamunotri 3 May 2022/td>

24th October 2022 (Tentative)

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Published: 08 May, 2019

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